How to Download and Install MacReviver
1. download 2. install 3. run
Download Driver Reviver to your
computer by clicking the
Start Download button
Run MacReviverSetup.dmg
and follow the instructions to install
Run the program and let MacReviver identify and fix problems with your Mac
What MacReviver Does to Optimize Your Mac
Restore your Mac's speed
Is your Mac running slower? This naturally happens over time with continual use. MacReviver has easy-to-use features to help you make your Mac run as fast as the day you got it.
Find your stolen Mac
Would you like to protect your Mac in case of theft? MacReviver has the answer. The Anti-Theft Protection feature can find the location of your Mac, take pictures of the person using it, and more!
Free up hard drive space
Are you looking for more space on your Mac? MacReviver can identify many locations on your drive to recover gigabytes of hard drive space. More space for your favorite music, movies and documents.
Manage your battery life
Does you battery die quicker than you think it should? You may have unnecessary features turned on. MacReviver allows you to select battery usage profiles that automatically adjust features and hardware.
MacReviver is a multi-award winning maintenance and optimization solution for your Mac.
ReviverSoft products are trusted by millions of users and recommended by experts worldwide.
What Our Customers are Saying
Thanks for a great product! There aren't many quality maintenance options available for the Mac OS and I was thrilled when you guys launched MacReviver as I use the other reviver's on my windows computers. I love the Anti-theft feature, although to be honest, I hope I never have to put it to use. Keep up the great work!
Steven R, UK, December 2014
I downloaded MacReviver and now wonder why I didn't go for it ages ago - not being a techie, it was a simple download, and easy to run the program - mac now runs better than ever!
Toby M, AU, March 2014
About ReviverSoft
ReviverSoft exists for one reason and one reason only, to help you Love Your Computer Again.
We provide useful tools and resources to help you make your computer perform like the day that you first bought it.
Your use of MacReviver is subject to its End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). MacReviver will find and fix problems, and for an annual fee of $29.99, you can fix unlimited problems found, receive free product upgrades and updates and unlimited technical support.