Staying Organized in Mountain Lion, Part 2: Reminders and Notes

OS X Mountain Lion includes three great applications to help you stay organized: Calendar, Reminders and Notes. Last time we covered Calendar, and this part will cover Reminders and Notes.


The Reminders application allows you to create lists of to-do’s — things that you need to do and want to write down as a reminder. The app can then automatically remind you about an item on your list at a set time, or even when you are in a certain location.
To launch the Reminders app, click it’s icon in the dock, or from Launchpad if it’s not in your dock. The Reminders app consists of two main areas. The left hand side has a column which holds your lists (by default there is just one, named Reminders), and the right hand side contains the reminders written in the selected list.
You can use lists as groups for your reminders. You could have a list for the shopping you need to buy, your home reminders, your work reminders, etc. To add a new list, click + in the bottom left of the window. A new list is created with the placeholder name New List. To change the name of the new list, right click on the list in the left hand column, click Rename in the menu, and type a new name.
To add a new reminder to a list, first click on the name of the list you want to add a reminder to in the left hand column. With that list open, click + in the top right of the window. A new, blank reminder is created. Simply type what you want to be reminded about, for instance, Buy Groceries, and press Enter.

Staying Organized in Mountain Lion

If you would like the app to remind you of an item on your list at a certain time or place, hover your cursor over that item. An I will appear next to the item on the list — clicking it opens a popup window with options for how you would like to be reminded. Select On a Day if you would like to be reminded at a specific date and time. Select At a Location if you would like to be reminded when you arrive at or leave a specific location. Then, simply fill in the details of the date and time or location you require, and click Done.
When you have completed an item on a list, select the checkbox next to it to mark it as completed. It will be moved to a new list named Completed.


The Notes application is a place to hold any small notes you need to write down, such as notes for a college lecture. To open the Notes app, click its icon in the dock, or from Launchpad if it’s not in your dock.

Staying Organized in Mountain Lion

The Notes app is split into two main sections — on the left hand side is a list of all your notes, while the right hand side displays the contents of the selected note. To create a new note, click + in the bottom left of the window. A new blank page of paper will appear in the right hand area. You can now simply type whatever it is you wish to note down. The first line of text you type will become the title of the note shown in the left hand area of the app.
When you have more than one note, simply click on its title in the list of notes on the left hand side, or if you have many notes you may find it easier to search for the note by typing something in the search field above the list of notes. You can search for any word that is in the title or the note itself.
Should you ever wish to delete a note, first select it in the notes list, then click on the icon that looks like a bin at the bottom of the note area.

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